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Go Obamacare!

We know there's lots of reasons to celebrate Obamacare – whether you're a student on your parents health insurance plan or a newly covered individual with pre-existing conditions, so much progress has been made in our nation's healthcare system. We recently ran into a few students who were especially excited about Obamacare, and everything it means for both students and medical providers.


Shadee Giurgius, a California native and first year medical student, was extremely excited when he recently ran into President Obama with a group of his classmates recently when the President made a visit to the University of Iowa.

"The President set out his vision and the blueprint for the country and has accomplished so much, we can't stop him in his tracks after 4 years of positive change. If Romney becomes elected 6 million people could lose there health insurance, which would be a very negative turn."

"I'm attending medical school because I really care about the elderly, and The Affordable Care Act does a tremendous amount of support for preventative care and find a cure for Alzehimers, which is a major issue that will be affecting my future patients."

"Go #Obamacare!" signed, @BarackObama. Yup, that happened. #MedStudentsForObama

Shadee and his friends were definitely excited about meeting the President, but they were equally fired up about voting in Iowa this year.

"I'm really fascinated that this is the first time in my life that my vote will be cast in a swing state, and it feels like the first time in my life that it can make even more of a difference. Iowa will be setting things up for how the rest of the country should be supporting President Obama."

Are you new to Iowa or your community? Find out how you can get registered to vote here!

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