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#FollowFriday - Tweets of the Week

This is the second week we're highlighting some of our favorite tweets from our staff and volunteers across Iowa here on our blog. Want your tweets featured here too—simply tweet @OFA_IA and use the hashtag #Obama2012 and you might find yourself here next week!

@OFA_IA: Weekly Rural Organizing Tip: Use the ratio 2 mtgs for every hr in your car to get the most out of each trip #Obama2012 via @Zack_DayBees

@suedvorsky: @OFA_IA going around room 4 Prez: health care, Supreme Ct, repeal DADT, economy, statesmanship, Ledbetter, Biden, SOS Clinton. #Obama2012

@trent_schacht: You know you're in the right coffee shop when this greets you at the register. #Obama2012

@kimberkelinson: Just got a call from my neighborhood's @OFA_IA volunteer. Looking forward to meeting Pat next week! #ImIn.

@Matt_Bahooski: Thank you to the 50+ @OFA_IA vols who came out to last night's Grassroots Planning Session in Linn Co. You keep me #inspired. #Obama2012

@sallyryankolbe: @OFA_IA thx for hearing my voice. // I'm in #Obama2012 #respect #empower #include #win

@kevinOFA: In Iowa City for @OFA_IA #GPS. 1st car I see is in!

@trent_schacht: Check out the new blog from @OFA_IA's 1st Grassroots Planning Session in Linn Co. Great post @a_nem! #Obama2012 #GPS

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