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#FollowFriday - Tweets of the Week

Today we're launching a new feature which will appear on our blog every Friday. We'll be highlighting a few of our favorite tweets from Organizing For America staff & volunteers across Iowa. For a chance to have your tweets highlighted, simply tweet @OFA_IA with the hashtag #Obama2012. Check out this week's featured tweets below!

  • @OFA_IA: A big Grassroots Planning Session is coming up in Linn County. Join us Mon 5/23 to take action for #Obama2012. #GPS

  • @kevinOFA: "While we have accomplished amazing things, but we have many amazing things yet to finish." Jan B. on why she's still in after 4 years.

  • @Zack_DayBees: 6 1:1's plus an impromtu morning discussion with gr8 folks about the real impact of the #ACA on rural areas. Council Bluffs is on the map!

  • @OFA_IA: Kim B. went to @celebrAsian for the food & fun; she stayed to find others who are IN for #Obama2012!

  • @OFA_IA: What does quilting have to do w/ #Obama2012? You'll have to read our latest blog to find out!

  • @Zack_DayBees: Linda N from Council Bluffs "I've been itching to get going again." Takes 1:1 worksheet and a list of names to get started today! #Obama2012

  • @Matt_Bahooski: Inspiring 1:1 with James S. in Cedar Falls -- "We're fortunate to be living in a time with one of the best Presidents in history"

  • @kevinOFA: Almost time for one of my favorite parts of the week--the @OFA_IA volunteer leader call!

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