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Davenport, Iowa: “We’ve been fired up all evening”

President Obama and the First Lady in Davenport, Iowa

Thousands of supporters packed the Village of East Davenport for the final stop on President Obama’s three-day Iowa bus tour. Chuck, a retired high school math teacher, had showed up early—and calmly staked out a spot near the back.

“I’m basically here to show support and to see all these wonderful people,” he explained, gesturing to the crowd. “What I really like is the President’s compassion. And I see that lacking in the Republican ticket. I’m wondering, in light of the people who have been devastated by the forest fires out West and the people who’ve been impacted by the drought across the country, where their compassion is when all they can talk about is cutting the budget. Who’s going to reach out and help these people? And I see President Obama as being one who does reach out and has empathy.”

Carlita“It’s extraordinary,” said Carlita, a nonprofit worker, as she stood on her toes to catch last glimpse of the stage. “This is my first time seeing our President and First Lady. I’ve been waiting three, four years, so I’m really overwhelmed. But the important thing is to receive the message—his ideas and what’s coming forward, which is more important. But I’m enjoying the whole scene. It’s just really special and I feel really good to be here today. We’ve been fired up all evening.”

Linda, a retired teacher, agreed:

“It was wonderful. And I can only hope that everybody in America is listening, because all our kids’ futures depend on it.”

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