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"Change Ain't Easy- You've Got to See it Through"

Last week we had the pleasure of being joined by Alfre Woodard, accomplished actress and vocal supporter for President Obama's re-election. She stopped by a small gathering at Drake University in Des Moines to chat about what folks can do now to make sure that we've got the President's back.

"Change ain't easy, you've got to stand up and see it through. Everything this President has done is about healing the nation and growing this economy. He's pulled us up from the brink, and every time we hear him speak he reminds us that we are all in this together. What happens here in Iowa, and what you all are doing will determine the course of history".

Alfre took a few questions from the crowd, and was asked about what to say to people who don't think their vote matters:

"We saw the consequences of what happens when people sit out in 2010. You have to make sure that people understand that this process goes on with or without them. When you don't vote you're letting other people run your lives, and more importantly, the lives of your children."

Alfre Woodard is right, we can't sit this one out, and between now and election day there are so many ways for you to get involved.

Find an event in your neighborhood and sign up today!

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