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Can You Think Of A Better Way To Spend Your Summer?


During the summer of 2011 I volunteered to be a summer organizer for OFA Iowa in Des Moines and wound up having one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. While I appreciate the experience I gained that summer and the lessons I learned, nothing will ever compare to the people I met and worked with every day.

When I showed up for work on my first day it was as if I had been adopted into a big family with everyone working towards a common goal: to ensure that Barack Obama continues to move this country forward. Helping re-elect Barack Obama means being a part of something bigger than yourself. Sure it involves some sacrifices, but it also means that you have a whole family of people who will help you succeed.

This summer will be even more important. 2012 will be unlike any previous election. The stakes have never been higher. We must decide whether America will continue to move forward or if it will stumble backwards, and the work of our summer organizers will help us ensure a brighter future.

Apply here to become a summer organizer just like Casey and spend your summer helping to reelect President Barack Obama!

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