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Calling All Iowa Sportsmen for Obama

Sportsmen for ObamaToday the Obama campaign launched Sportsmen for Obama and I am proud to take part. As an avid sportsman, I support the President because his conservation and recreation strategy will ensure Iowa’s outdoor heritage will continue to be enjoyed by hunters, anglers and sportsmen for generations to come.

Since taking office, President Obama launched the America's Great Outdoors Initiative which fosters a 21st century approach to conservation and protects our natural resources, creates jobs and stimulates rural economies, and preserves habitat for fish and wildlife. Each year, 552,000 sportspersons and 1.2 million wildlife watchers combine to spend $1 billion on wildlife-related recreation. President Obama has worked with farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices on 30 million acres of land and he fought to fund native prairie and wetlands conservation efforts, like the Iowa Prairie Pothole Region - known as the 'Duck Factory' of the United States.

President Obama’s record shows his commitment to conserving our public landscapes and ensuring Americans continue to hunt and fish on our lands. In contrast, Mitt Romney’s record demonstrates his inability to increase access and protect our great outdoors. As governor of Massachusetts, he raised taxes and fees on gun owners and tried to raid investments for hunting and fishing programs. The Romney-Ryan budget would devastate funding for important conservation programs that impact our wetlands, public lands and wildlife habitat.

I hope you join me in re-electing a president who preserves our 2nd Amendment rights and protects our national treasures by signing up for Sportsmen for Obama today.

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