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Better Know A Turf - Dubuque

This new "Better Know A Turf" post highlights the fired up team in Dubuque, who embody the "Respect, Empower, Include, Win" mantra of the campaign and are fired up for the caucuses on Tuesday!

Nestled along the Mississippi River and serving as the junction between Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, Dubuque “is anything but boring,” says Cassie K., the field organizer for the area. President Obama visited Dubuque just 4 months ago. During his visit he spoke about the need for the American Jobs Act and a bipartisan commitment to job creation.

With the caucuses set for January 3rd at 6:30p.m., residents of Dubuque are getting an up-close look at presidential politics. They're taking their vote seriously.

President Obama will address the caucuses by exclusive webcast, but Cassie’s team of volunteers all have stories of meeting him in person. “Folks in Dubuque trust President Obama because they know him so well,” Cassie says.

And they’re committed to re-electing President Obama for very personal reasons. Cassie:

“We have a lot of parents with kids who have pre-existing conditions, or can’t find a job, or can’t afford college tuition. We have younger people who want to re-elect the President because he’s bringing their friends and siblings home from Iraq and Afghanistan. And we have a lot of older people who are deeply concerned about the future they want to leave for their families. All of them bring something different to the table, and the organization in Dubuque really reflects the campaign's philosophy that everyone should be respected and empowered.”

Organizers like Cassie embody that principle. Living in Cambodia but inspired by the President’s commitment to helping young people, Cassie decided that she had to move back and get involved. She packed up her life in Asia and came to Iowa as a summer organizer. She quickly became part of the Iowa family.

“This has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ve met such wonderful people that I know will be part of my life for years to come. Our volunteers and staff are just phenomenal, and while we all take the goal of getting our President re-elected incredibly seriously, we also have a lot of fun.”

Cassie and her team have spent months preparing for the caucus, and it’s safe to say they’re excited.

To meet the team in Dubuque and show your support for President Obama, commit to caucus today. You’ll get to see President Obama address caucus-goers across Iowa via webcast and meet like-minded folks ready to start off 2012 with a bang.

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