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Better Know A Turf - Des Moines

In our final "Better Know a Turf" post, we visit with Kelsey L. and the Des Moines team as we celebrate the caucuses happening across Iowa today

As Iowa’s capital and the most populous city in the state, Des Moines is abuzz with excitement for the caucus today.

It’s hard to turn a corner without seeing a news van, and folks are getting fired up for President Obama’s live webcast tonight to caucus sites all over the state. It’s a night you won’t want to miss.

And Kelsey L, a field organizer in Des Moines, agrees.

“Being first in the nation, Iowa needs to lead the charge and show the world that President Obama has serious momentum going into 2012. I have no doubt we’ll do just that on caucus night.”

We have the best organization on the ground in Iowa, and we have the best candidate, but it’s teams like Kelsey’s that will win it for us in 2012.

“They are the hardest working individuals I have ever met. They are always thinking about not only what they can do to re-elect the President, but also how to best bring other folks into the campaign and empower them.”

Kelsey first got involved with the campaign because the message of “Respect. Empower. Include.” resonated with her. She had never volunteered in a political campaign before, but President Obama’s message made politics accessible.

“It’s amazing to look back and compare my current teams to what was here when I first got on the ground. So many new relationships have formed and the teams have all grown as unique snowflakes.”

Stand with President Obama and young Americans like Kelsey in Des Moines by finding your local caucus site. You’ll hear from the President and show the world that this campaign is committed to Iowa. While the other side moves on to New Hampshire, Florida, and South Carolina, folks like Kelsey will continue organizing Des Moines and all of Iowa. Find your caucus site and commit to caucus today.

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