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Be The First: Shelby County

Today in Iowa we are celebrating the first day of early voting, and people in all 99 counties are excited to be among the first in the nation to cast their ballot for President Obama! Folks were fired up and ready to go early in the morning, including Shelby County, which started casting votes at 7:00AM!

We had over 35 people at Shelby County's Be The First event this morning. Supporters met at Sweet Sully's in downtown Harlan to grab some breakfast before heading to the court house.

BtF Shelby 3

Our Neighborhood Team Leader, community organizer and local farmer Dave Gaul was one of the first to cast his vote.

BtF Shelby 1

"I'm early voting because it's a way to demonstrate support for President Obama and a way of saying thank you for saving the country four years ago! It's not too early to start voting for a second term!"

Are you ready to join hundreds of Iowans and cast your vote for President Obama today? Check out where you can go to vote here!

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