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Back in Iowa

President Obama waves in Iowa

With less than 24 hours under his belt on a bus tour through some of the towns and cities that started it all in 2008, President Obama has wasted no time letting enthusiastic crowds in the Hawkeye State know the feeling is mutual.

"Listen, it is wonderful to be back in Iowa," the President told supporters at Herman Park in Boone earlier today. "It is wonderful to see some familiar faces and some good friends on a beautiful summer day. It was on your front porches and in some of your backyards where our movement for change started. We spent a lot of time in Iowa, and I felt like an adopted son of Iowa. We took bus tours all throughout the state—although I've got to admit, the bus wasn’t as nice as the one I've got now. And we went to school gyms and family farms and small businesses all across the state. But here's the thing—our journey is not done."

President Obama buys a snow cone

President Obama stops for a snow cone in Denison, Iowa.

Vern, a 70-year-old retired veteran from Boone, was quick to point out that he's more than ready to keep moving forward with the President:

"I voted for him the first time and I'm going to do it again. Everything he said about balancing the economy, I like that talk. He's got my vote."

Jim and Karen

Jim and Karen, also retired, agreed.

Jim: "The speech was great. I've been a supporter for the last four years. He wants to take care of the senior citizens. He inherited this debt and he's trying to get us out of it. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are good people, but they're not what we need."

Karen: "I'm real concerned about Social Security and Medicare. And taxes—it's just not a fair system for the working people of the United States."

"The fact that I can file taxes and get a break for once—that's major," added Dan, a delivery driver.

The President wrapped up the day with a trip to—where else—the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. Along with Secretary of Agriculture—and former Iowa governor—Tom Vilsack, he visited booths, met supporters, and even picked up a souvenir or two.

Check back for updates from day two of the President's Iowa bus tour.

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