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"To Me and My Family...Health Care is Personal"

Andrea's Health Care Story

This is Andrea. She is one of the many field organizers who have been hired by the Obama campaign this year to help organize our volunteer efforts. But before she became a grassroots organizer, she was simply a grassroots supporter, as well as a student and a daughter. The path that led her to this role is similar to many volunteers and supporters: It revolves around how President Obama's Affordable Care Act affected her life and her family.

In 2007 her mother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is a treatable but often debilitating disease. As Andrea says:

"She was laid off from her job because immediately after being diagnosed she was admitted into the hospital. After 18 months, her COBRA insurance expired and she went on the hunt for health care coverage from private insurers. Now, being diagnosed with two pre-existing conditions (she also has high blood pressure), health care providers would tell her two things: I want to charge you exorbitant premiums or I can't cover you at all."

Denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions was a problem that the Affordable Care Act fixed when it went into effect in 2010. Says Andrea:

"Twenty years ago my mother immigrated to this country with the idea that hard work and determination would pay off. A few years ago that idea seemed diminished, and her dreams for herself and for her children were a distant memory. I am proud to say that President Obama has restored that dream."

"To me and my family, providing health care is personal, and Barack Obama gets that."

However Andrea is not alone. Most Americans know a friend or family member who has been affected by Barack Obama's health care reform.

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