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African Americans for Obama: We've Got His Back

"We changed the guard with @barackobama in 2008, and now we've gotta guard the change."—@MrMikeBlake in DSM #afam2012

This weekend, Des Moines hosted a series of African Americans for Obama events as part of our We've Got His Back program.

Mike Blake, National Deputy Director for Operation Vote, came to Iowa to discuss why the President is the right choice for the African American community.

Mike highlighted some of the President's accomplishments, including:

  • President Obama passed 18 tax cuts for small businesses, benefiting up to 1.9 million African American owned businesses.
  • President Obama invested $3.4 billion in African American owned businesses.
  • President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act to give all Americans access to affordable health insurance – including 7 million more African Americans.
  • The President improved access to preventative care, helping 41 million African Americans detect and treat conditions including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

DSM #AfAm2012

On Saturday we started with a message training with leaders and volunteers in the African American community, where Mike Blake talked about his experience here in Iowa in 2007. This is where it all started, in large part due to the mobilization of the African American community. As the President runs for re-election we must let the President know that We've Got His Back.

DSM #AfAm2012

Then Saturday afternoon, we hosted a We've Got His Back BBQ, where we heard from State Representative Ruth Ann Gains, State Representative Ako and Mike Blake.

The message couldn't have been more clear: the President shares our values and Mitt Romney does not.

The crowd was fired up about the President and energized to get involved in the campaign. We took time to register voters and sign up volunteers to make sure we get out and vote this fall to re-elect the President.

Wanna let Barack know that You've Got His Back? Sign up to volunteer with #Team IA today.

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