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“A Special Message from Barack”

On January 2nd, 2008, the eve of the Iowa caucus, the Obama campaign released this video. It’s a message from candidate Obama to caucus-goers, setting out what he’d do if elected President:

“…fix health care, make college affordable, become energy independent, and end this war.”

Four years later, here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Reformed our health care system by introducing the Affordable Care Act, making sure that millions more Americans will have access to good, affordable health care.

  • Made college more affordable by doubling funding for Pell Grants and introducing student loan reform.

  • Made progress toward energy independence by increasing domestic oil and gas production, introducing historic fuel efficiency standards, and doubling funding for clean energy.

  • Ended the war in Iraq.

Tomorrow, voters all across the state will go to the caucuses again to support President Obama. Join them by finding your local caucus site today.

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