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24 Days to Get Out the Vote: Meet our Neighborhood Team Leaders

With just 26 days left until the election, we are switching gears a bit here in Iowa. We continue to recruit and confirm leaders around the state. These leaders will be key in the last few days leading up to election day. Meet a few of our newest team leaders!

One of our Field Organizers, Alex Warner, had nothing but amazing things to say about her new leader, Neil Christiansen:

Neil Christiansen

"When Neil came into the office for the first time several weeks ago, he told me he used to be a registered Republican, but his wife was visited by an Obama canvasser in 2007 and they ended up caucusing for him back then--and the rest is history. Since taking on this new role, he has thanked me multiple times for the opportunity and stepped up in a serious way-- even rescheduling work and personal obligations to be at Get Out The Vote training .  I have no doubt in my mind that he's the right person for the job and it is an honor to have him on my team"!

Neil isn't the only addition to Alex's Team, we also just welcomed Amy into the Obama Family here in Iowa:

Amy Johnson

"Amy has been in and out of the office, leads a very busy schedule as a PTO member, mom of two, and full-time student. When I thought through my teams, I knew she was the woman for the job as a leader in North Liberty.  Still, I was hesitant to ask--she had already told me she was really busy and could only make so much time.  But when I did ask, without skipping a beat, she said yes." 

The last four days of this election are key to victory, and November 6th will be extremely important. Commit to signing up for an election day shift to help reelect the President!

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