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100 Days to Go

In just 100 days, early voting starts here in Iowa. In towns and precincts from Davenport to Sioux City, Iowans will cast some of the earliest votes in the country for President of the United States. We're officially on the clock – let's make the most of the next 100 days.

Supporters across Iowa are organizing a GottaVote weekend of action this Saturday and Sunday, June 23rd and 24th. We'll be reaching out to voters, talking about the importance of this election, and signing people up to vote early by mail.

You should join in. Check out a video of some of our Davenport volunteers talking to voters about how and why to vote early – and sign up for a shift.

Here in Iowa, the race could be decided well before November 6th. And early voting lets more people make their voices heard – people who are working, can't wait in line, or can't make it to the polls on Election Day. That's why we need to get to work now to make sure voters have everything they need to vote early. We'll also be finding and recruiting new supporters to continue building this grassroots organization.

The organizing that volunteers and staff do over the next 100 days will determine the race in Iowa – and President Obama and other Democrats are counting on us to deliver our state this fall.

Check out the video, then sign up for more information about the GottaVote event near you.

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