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I Went to a Grassroots Planning Session & an Obama Family Reunion Broke Out!

Though I came home from college on Saturday, I didn't feel completely at home until I attended the Linn County Grassroots Planning Session last night at the Marion Library. One of the best things about being involved with Organizing for America in Iowa, and especially in Linn County, is the great sense of community. The community is so strong, in fact, that whenever I get the chance to meet up with my fellow volunteers, I feel like I'm at a family reunion, and last night was no different.


As soon as I walked into the meeting room, I was greeted with enthusiasm and kindness. People asked me about my first year of college, my summer plans and my family, and I asked them about how they were doing. These conversations were more than pleasantries made to be polite, but genuine inquiries, as I care and respect so many of the people involved in this organization.

Beyond re-connecting with everyone, last night was great because it showed the potential of this group to continue to move forward by re-electing President Obama and other Democrats to office. The people who attended were thoughtful, enthusiastic and committed. Together, we generated a lot of great ideas of things we can do now in order to grow our teams and prepare for 2012. At the end of the meeting, we went around the room and committed to doing at least one thing to help strengthen and grow Organizing For America here in Iowa. Many committed to hold house parties, conduct one-on-one meetings with other volunteers, write letters to the editor and reach out to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

As this was happening, I remember sitting back and thinking that if we do the things we promised to do, if we hold each other accountable, there are no limits to what we can do. Because of this, our Linn County Grassroots Planning Session provided both a nice reminder of the glory days from the last campaign, as well as a preview of the great things to come!

Don't miss out on our next Grassroots Planning Session. Sign up for Iowa City's GPS on Wednesday, May 25th. Or join us at a GPS near you throughout the month of June!

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