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"I wanted to pitch in, in my own way"

Walker, 18 and newly registered to vote, has what he describes as a “small role” on the Obama 2012 campaign. Each day, he comes into the Manhattan office to help people organize in their community. It’s a volunteer position he took on in reaction to people’s opposition to the President’s health reform bill—as his way of saying thanks.

After becoming frustrated by negative press around the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Walker decided:

“I wanted to help President Obama out because he was doing a lot of good and not getting credit for it. I wanted to pitch in in my own way, to thank him. It’s a moral issue—everyone should have the right to care that helps them stay alive. So his health care bill is providing that chance for millions of people. That’s really inspiring to me.”

That’s what this campaign is all about: Getting inspired and getting involved. By taking action, Walker is making an impact and saying thanks in the best way possible. And he isn’t the only one. There are people just like Walker, all over the country, taking on “small roles” and making a big difference.

If you’d like to join Walker and get involved here in New York, sign up to volunteer today.

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