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Story #35: Daniel: "I want to know that I’ve helped the President where it really counts"


Winning New Hampshire could very well mean the difference between re-electing President Obama or losing everything we've fought so hard for. That's why Daniel's voting absentee. He's a Granite Stater from Andover away at college in Vermont.

As a New Hampshire voter, Daniel understands that his vote could decide the election. He's sure he casts that vote in his New Hampshire home town in New Hampshire–even though he'll be mailing it in from Vermont.

“I’ve lived in Andover, in the heart of New Hampshire, since I was 13; it’s where I call home. But as a Senior at Middlebury College in Vermont, I won’t be home when it comes to casting my ballot. I could register to vote in Vermont, but I know Vermonters already have the President’s back. When it comes down to it, I want to know that I’ve helped the President where it really counts, and I know that it counts here.”

“I know that the President stands by his beliefs; I want someone with conviction, who won’t back down when things get tough. His defense of marriage equality and his commitment to reigning in the growing economic inequality between the wealthy and the poor are reasons why I have his back. He has an economic vision that fosters a fair and prosperous America for everyone—not just for the wealthy few. My vote is going to a President that cares about me and my future and the future of our country.”

Every vote in New Hampshire will make all the difference. If you are heading out of state on Election Day, check out and see if you're eligible to vote absentee.

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