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“I want to do the best thing I can for my community”


In just a few weeks volunteers from across the country will begin with the Summer Organizer program. Summer organizers will help lay the ground work for the Obama 2012 campaign by building neighborhood teams and recruiting and training new volunteers. Some summer organizers like Shirley T. couldn’t wait to get started and have already hit the ground running.

Shirley, a 58 year old retired small business owner and financial manger for a major pharmaceutical company, is already meeting with new volunteers and reconnecting with past supporters that live in her East Liberty neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Shirley had never been involved in politics before President Obama’s 2008 campaign. As a first time volunteer in 2008, she canvassed her neighborhood and even took a trip to help campaign in nearby Ohio. But this time around, Shirley knew that with her deep community roots she could do more to help mobilize her own neighborhood for President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

I signed up for the summer organizing program because I want to do the best thing I can for my community. I want to get my neighbors out to vote. I want to get them out talking to others in the community about the President’s accomplishments.

The President has accomplished a lot to move our country forward. He’s worked to get our economy back on track and to improve our education and health care systems, but he cannot further accomplish what he set out to do unless every individual is involved.

With the summer organizing kickoff training a few weeks away, Shirley is spending her days educating herself even more about her community. She’s studying up on what we’ve been doing in her turf, lining up other neighborhood leaders, and making a schedule of upcoming community events she can attend to recruit new volunteers and educate her neighbors about the Presidents accomplishments.

To sign up to volunteer in your community, click here.

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