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"I want to do all I can to thank the President for the progress we’ve made"

Tammy, New Hampshire

"I know that President Obama is thinking of us all. From my husband, a Marine veteran, to me with pre-existing health conditions, to my daughters, who are now able to afford college and can stay on my health insurance until they are 26. My entire family has benefited from the President's last four years in office and I want to do all I can to thank him for the huge progress we have made.

"I respect someone who stands by their beliefs and, regardless of the task at hand, gets it done. As a woman with a pre-existing health condition I watched the passing of the Affordable Care Act with great interest. Knowing how the Romney-Ryan plan could repeal all the progress we have made terrifies me. Being given security and then having it removed is harder than never having it at all.

"Politics is certainly a family affair. It never used to be that way, but I quickly realized that I needed my three daughters to understand just how important politics is to their daily lives. This election is so important, the outcome on November 6th will shape their future. I want to know that we have done everything we can to ensure that we are moving forward, committing to a future that has their interests in mind. I’ll work every day to make sure that this is where we end up on November 6th."

Tammy, New Hampshire

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