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"I Want Another Four Years"

In just 24 hours, thousands of people have stepped up to inspire other supporters to take ownership of the campaign. Young and old, on the east coast, on the west coast and everywhere in between, people are matching each other's donations—doubling the impact of our dollars for 2012.

In Virginia, an executive director of a non-profit pledged for the first time:

“I was inspired to offer match after my first donation was matched. We can—and will—make this nation, this community, and our lives better.”

A student in California donated because:

“My girlfriend just graduated and wouldn't have health insurance if it weren't for the provision allowing her to stay on her parent's plan until age 26. These are real changes that are affecting my life. I want another 4 years of this.”

And from Tennessee, a retiree gave because:

“The Obama campaign says to us "whatever amount you can share can help grow this campaign." That is so important for people like me who are retired, and have smaller amounts of money to give, but who have just as much passion for seeing our government continue in the direction that President Obama has set for us. I am so proud to be able to encourage others who have limited amounts of funds, but an unending supply of encouragement and volunteer action to share.”

By donating today, you’re building the foundation of this campaign. Your donation will be matched by another supporter and you can even exchange messages, thanking them for their support.

It's a great way to give and a great way to make a connection. What are you waiting for? Donate now.

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