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"I still have hope."

When people ask me why I’m volunteering for the President, I start with my story.

I am the spouse of a retired UAW member. I was born and raised in Chicago, but have lived in Flint for the past 37 years. I remember when this city had a bustling downtown filled with energy, opportunity and promise. Sadly, Flint has become a portrait of devastation and struggle triggered by automobile plant closings and a lack of viable employment opportunities.

I have so much appreciation for President Obama’s compassion, courage and wisdom when it came to the restructuring of the auto industry. He understood the importance of “Made in America” and the necessity to intervene for the good of the American worker and Michigan communities. Don’t forget the Affordable Care Act, which exemplifies that a healthy life should be a right and not a privilege.

I still have hope. The President’s actions have demonstrated that he will continue to address the issues that are important to revitalizing our economy, education and health care. I still have hope that Flint will turn around and become the vibrant city it once was. That’s why I am committed to helping in any way that I can to ensure President Obama can finish what he started.

Stand with Jennifer and join us for the opening of our new field office in Flint tomorrow.

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