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I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me


I woke up one morning, about three and a half years ago, to horrible pain. My face hurt so badly it felt like someone was cutting me open. I didn’t know what was going on that morning, and I wouldn’t for more than two years, but I was experiencing the first symptoms of a severe nerve disorder—one known for the constant and unbearable pain it causes. I began a journey that morning that would take me through more days of horrible pain, dozens of visits to doctors, two brain surgeries, and—throughout it all—the constant and petrifying worry that I would become too sick to work and lose my health insurance.

A day before, I was sitting at work, with no idea of what would come. I had been healthy my whole life, and had a great job with full benefits. I always liked the idea of health reform, because it meant lower costs, more accountability on the part of insurance companies, and free preventative care. Yet the requirement that insurance companies not drop people who get sick or have pre-existing conditions didn’t seem like it would help me. I was a normal person with a good job -- I would never have to worry about losing my coverage.

I woke up that morning and many mornings afterwards not only worrying about the status of my health, but the status of my insurance. When my doctor told me that the first surgery wasn’t enough, I wondered if the next would take me over my cap. When he told me that it was unsafe to operate on my brain too frequently, I told him I had less than a year of coverage left since I was too sick to work. My days were filled with pain, doctors’ visits, and worry. I knew if I didn’t get better quickly, I would simply be out of luck.

I was fortunate -- I got better and started to work again. Thanks to our President, I cannot be denied health insurance because of my medical history, unless the Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act. Join me to get involved today, and let’s make sure they never get that chance. Whenever I need motivation after a particularly long day, I think about the next woman who gets sick and loses her job. If we keep fighting and win, that woman will always know that she can find affordable health insurance. She will also know that we, as a country, will always have her back.

Mine is just one story of how the Affordable Care Act helps Americans. Learn more about how it can help you.

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