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“I knew I had to do something”

"Born and raised in small-town Ohio, I lived the typical American middle-class childhood. My family wasn’t rich, but we had everything we needed. As I got older, the local economy began to take a turn for the worse. Factories were closing and businesses were moving away, including Rubbermaid, a company my grandfather had worked at for 30 years. Leading up to 2008, I was disillusioned with government and a president who wasn't fighting for the middle class. I knew I wanted to do something to fight for what I believed in.

"That’s why I joined the Obama campaign in 2008. It was clear that Obama stood for middle-class families like mine, and that he would continue to stand up for us in the White House. The Obama administration’s achievements over the past few years prove it: protecting Americans from excessive bank overdraft fees through credit card reform, expanding Pell Grants to help make college more affordable, and making sure people like my brother can stay on their parents’ health care plans until the age of 26 because of the Affordable Care Act.

"We’ve made great progress, but the job is not done. We need to ensure this nation remains on the path to full recovery, so that's why I continue to organize."

Jay, Regional Field Director, Virginia

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