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"I hear more success stories every day."

In 1991, Marilyn Trent founded Trent Design. The company provides marketing, graphic design, videography and website development services. During the economic downturn when the automotive companies and suppliers in Michigan were suffering, Marilyn lost one of her biggest clients.

"That client left and could not afford to pay us. Trying to grow my client base at that time was next to impossible and existing clients were asking for more services for less money."

Thankfully, President Obama took the initiative to rescue the automotive industry and after that, Marilyn noticed an immediate upswing in business.

"I was also able to expand my Rochester-based business and open an office in Midtown Detroit, where the majority of my new clients are coming from. These clients are telling me that the auto rescue has improved their bottom lines. An automobile dealership was able to renovate and expand their showroom. A Tier One automotive supplier has been able to hire more people and grow their tubing business. I hear more success stories every day."

The effects of a successful business and the President’s accomplishments are personal, too.

"My property values have increased and my family's health is more secure - my college-bound daughter will be able to stay on my health insurance until she's 26 - and that's a blessing. President Obama is a man who sees the whole picture – just ask any of us here in Michigan."

Seeing the impact of the auto rescue in your community? Have you had an experience like Marilyn’s? Share your story with us today.

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