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I Have An Impact

I just finished the two most memorable weeks of my life. I learned how to be a Field Organizer during the first-ever Field Organizer Academy.

I have gained some amazing skills as a Fall Fellow for OFA in Northern California. Although daunting at first, eventually I was able to speed through my weekly call goals. I called complete strangers and asked them to be part of the campaign with ease. Although I organized in a rural and fairly “red” area, I was pleasantly surprised that many of my contacts agreed to meet with me one on one and join the campaign.

As I began to organize outside of my own community, I wondered what else I could do for the campaign. I could continue to organize in my own area, but I wanted to have a larger impact. After a voter registration trip to Reno, Nevada with California volunteers, I decided that I want to make a difference in a battleground state.

The Field Organizer Academy is a two week organizing boot camp for volunteers who want to work as Field Organizers across the country. Trainees make phone calls, attend data webinars, form a neighborhood team, and hold phone banks.

While I participated in the Field Organizer Academy, I helped organize another volunteer trip to Nevada. I also helped recruit Nevadans to host volunteers in their homes and called potential volunteers to schedule one on one meetings.

Although California and Nevada are neighbors, their political cultures are very different. With every voter I registered and volunteer I met, I could really see the impact I was having in a battleground. After completing my Fall Fellowship and the Field Organizer Academy, I can’t wait to continue my work with Obama for America in a battleground state.

OFA California will be accepting applications for the next Field Organizer Academy soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and apply for the next session.

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