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“I feel like the President envisions the same world I do.”

Ann wears her values on her sleeve. They’re on her car, too, in the form of a bumper sticker that reads “Believers for Barack.”

These values are also evident in the work she does volunteering for President Obama, just as she did in 2008.

“I’ve been a Democrat ever since I began voting, but as my Christian faith has deepened I see my Democratic political activism as an answer to a calling."

Ann, who lives in Bloomfield Hills, says her faith teaches her that she’s expected to be kind, to protect and to speak up for the rights and needs of the poor and powerless. That's why she says voting for Democrats and supporting President Obama aligns with her beliefs.

“I want to live in a country that pursues the same ideals I believe in, where everyone can lead a decent life and earn a living wage, has access to health care, and is treated fairly and with respect. I want to live in a world where we take care of each other and the world we live in. I feel like the President envisions the same world I do.”

As a volunteer, Ann has seen time and time again how people of all faiths and backgrounds come together for a common goal: re-electing the President. You can be part of that world, too.


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