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"I don't believe in giving up"

Senate Republican’s votes over the last few weeks to block parts of President Obama’s jobs plan have put the opportunities and livelihoods of folks like Theressa at risk.

“Twenty days after I retired, I had a major stroke that left me permanently disabled with paralysis of my left arm and left leg,” Theressa explains. “I had a lot of difficulty finding a job. I do not believe it was related to my disability. I think it was just the way the economy is.”

Theressa is an army veteran with tours in Iraq and Bosnia. After hearing President Obama call for more teachers in his State of the Union address in January, she decided to take part in the Troops-to-Teachers program. Once she earns her master’s degree in education, she hopes to teach political science to high school students in her home town in North Carolina.

“I support our President. I don't believe in giving up. You know, things are going to be hard sometimes. I don't believe you can give up just because things get hard. I did not expect to have a stroke; I expected to retire from the army and get another job and keep on doing something else.

“Our President cannot give up. He needs to keep on pushing for what he believes in.”

Join folks like Theressa by standing up for jobs and telling Congress why we can’t wait for action.

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