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I Can't Wait To Give Back

(Photo Credit: Joel Modelo)

Earlier this month, folks across the country marked one year until the 2012 election by attending Day of Action events. Eddie went to the One Year Out rally for President Obama in Hollywood.

There aren’t many things that can pull me away from the television on NFL Sunday. However, when I was presented the opportunity to see Janelle Monae perform live in Los Angeles at a President Obama volunteer rally I gladly sacrificed my weekly dosage of pizza and pigskin. I learned about the event at San Diego State University’s weekly African Student Union meeting. San Diego’s Campus Coordinator, Omega, spoke to several enthusiastic students about the opportunity to get involved with President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. I had always regretted not doing more in the 2008 campaign, so I was eager to learn more about what I could do to help next year.

A few friends, Omega, and I carpooled to LA from San Diego. To kickoff the event, Regional Field Director Konstantin Hatcher spoke to the crowd about his experience as a volunteer during the 2008 campaign and led everyone in a “We Can’t Wait” chant. He also told us that groups of California volunteers were on the ground in Nevada registering voters and invited us to join them during the next trip in December. Operation Vote Director Buffy Wicks spoke next about the importance of empowering voters across country. The stage was finally set for Janelle Monae to take over. Complete with her signature hairstyle, formal attire and angelic voice, Janelle had everyone in the room in the palm of her hand. Her band accompanied by a small string section rocked the house as Janelle sang a few of her hits.

This event reminded me how in touch President Obama and his campaign managers are with my generation. Having benefited directly from his health care and financial aid reforms, “I Can’t Wait” to give back and help President Obama receive the 270 electoral votes he needs to be re-elected!

What did you do to mark one year until the 2012 election? Check out photos from the One Year Out events across California and sign up to attend a phonebank for the next Day of Action this weekend.

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