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I can't get over this

A few months ago, I shared my story about my dad, Reuven, who was killed this past September in a mass shooting in Minneapolis. Since then, I've been fighting every single day to reduce gun violence, so no one else ever has to grieve like I did.

When the Senate defeated a bill that would expand background checks last week, I just couldn't believe it. Something that 90% of Americans support should be a slam dunk.

Right now, we might be witnessing the greatest disconnect between Congress and the American people in our history. This is why Organizing for Action's job is so important. Together, we can make sure that no one in Washington ever gets away with ignoring the voices of the people who sent them there—no matter how powerful the special interests.

Add your name—say you're ready to keep on fighting.

I can't get over the fact that those 45 senators cast their votes against background checks while family members of the victims of Newtown, Tucson, and Virginia Tech watched from the Senate gallery.

Could those senators even look those families in the eye and explain themselves?

The truth I'm finding is that the gun lobby has got decades worth of money and organizing behind them, and they know how to stir their supporters into a frenzy. But 90% of this country is on our side, not theirs. If we all step up, we will be heard. And we will win the next vote.

This past weekend, thousands of OFA supporters got together at 45 targeted events across the country to thank the senators who stood up for us, and to tell the senators who caved to the special interests that we're not about to give up this fight. That's the kind of action I'm talking about.

Let's make sure that Wednesday was the most powerful the gun lobby will ever be in Washington—add your name right now.

Thanks. Now back to work.
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