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I Cannot Imagine Not Being A Part Of This

At our weekly West Des Moines phone bank, Emily F. can be found busy making calls. She makes them personable, remembering little details about supporters she has spoken with before, asking them how their vacation went and if their dog is feeling better. Her personality is infectious, always cheery and optimistic. She listens to supporters and more importantly she cares about what they say.

A native Iowan, Emily was first drawn to politics by the excitement of the caucuses. She volunteered with various Democratic campaigns throughout high school, but lost interest in college. However, when the debate about health care reform took center stage, she felt the need to get involved again. Just out of college, she knew this legislation would affect her personally;she could not afford insurance, and reform would let her stay on her parents' plan.

After college, Emily took a legislative job in Tennessee but still wanted to come back to Iowa and get involved with politics here.

"This is my home. I care about it. I want the best for my state," Emily says. "Iowa is a major reason Obama won in 2008, and I want to be a part of this campaign again."

She is in for 2012 because she believes Obama is a responsible leader who will lead the country in the right direction:


"Obama has done more in the past few years than people understand and give him credit for."

According to Emily, this is one of the only campaigns she has been a part of that really lives up to its values-truly respecting, empowering, and including all supporters and volunteers.

"This is really the people's campaign. Everyone has a fair shake and opportunity to shape this campaign. I cannot imagine not being a part of this."

To join with supporters like Emily, and shape the campaign in your community, sign up to volunteer here.

You can keep up to date with what the team in Iowa is up to through our Facebook page and by following us on Twitter.

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