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“I can see the results of the President’s efforts right in my neighborhood”

Cordero, Michigan

“I was born with kidney failure, so I’ve lived my entire life with a chronic health condition.

“The dialysis treatments I need to survive cost $259 each, so I don’t know what I’d do without health care coverage. Obamacare is only going to make things better for me and for everyone else. No one will have to worry about getting bills we can’t afford to pay or having a lifetime limit.

“I’m only 24 years old, and when I go for my dialysis, everyone there is a lot older. I wonder what would happen to them if someone took away their health care coverage. I don’t think Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s idea of a voucher system makes any sense.

“Michelle Obama got it right in her speech at the Democratic convention. She said you can see how Barack Obama was raised in his policies. Because of his mom’s experience struggling to pay her health care bills, he wanted to make sure there was health care for everyone.

“Our family has struggled, too, but I can see the results of the President’s efforts right in my neighborhood. More people are finding jobs. A new bakery opened and people have the money to spend there. The economy is getting better, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Think about it: You don’t work at a job, build up your credit and buy a house just like that. It takes time.

“I’ll be out there registering voters and doing whatever I can to help. I want to make sure President Obama gets another four years to keep moving forward.”

Cordero, Michigan
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