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“I believe in the man”

Scott is one of the many Americans who have donated to the Obama campaign. He, like many others, took a hard hit from the economic crisis in 2008, and has had a hard time regaining his footing. He lost his 401K, his wife has been jobless for over a year, and he’s had to move out of his home state to find work. It is the improvement that he has seen over the last four years, however, that moved him to make a contribution to the campaign.

“I believe in the man," he said. "I believe in his vision and his integrity, and I trust him. I think he’s done an outstanding job given the circumstances. We, as Americans, are never satisfied with the status quo, but I think President Obama has done an excellent job.”

Though Scott still sees the struggle that Americans are facing, he also has seen the improvement during President Obama’s time in office. In particular, Obamacare has had an impact on Scott’s life. His son now has health insurance and his brother, who is disabled, has benefited greatly from the health care law.

Scott knows that times are still tough for many Americans, but he has a piece of advice for those contemplating making a contribution: “Make the donation. Do without coffee for a while. I’m not a billionaire—I did it because I believe in President Obama. Every dollar counts.”

—Scott from North Carolina

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