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Story #37: Rick, "I am supporting the President because I believe the facts are on his side."

Rick Glatz

Rick is a science teacher down in Merrimack and—for him—this is an election about facts. As a scientist, I guess that comes naturally. Rick is here volunteering with us because he feels it’s his duty to get the facts out to as many people as possible before November 6th.

We're sharing Rick's story as today’s installment of 50 Stories You've Got to Hear Before You Vote. Here's what he told us:

“I’m a science teacher and debate coach at Merrimack Middle School, and I like to base my decision on more than just emotion. I like to dig a little deeper—know that I’m making a decision based on reason. I am supporting the President because I believe the facts are on his side. The Republican Party don’t seem to have a handle on the truth; it frustrates me that the media and the public can be manipulated so easily by what they hear from the Romney base. I hope that I can talk to people and make sure they get the facts so they can make an informed decision at the polls on November 6th."

“President Obama and Mitt Romney are offering two very different visions for the future of this country. I support the President because I believe his vision is what this country needs to move forward. The President doesn’t see us as victims, he believes in making opportunities available to everyone. It’s not about handouts; it’s about ensuring everyone is on a level playing field. Romney doesn’t see us as real people who have real problems; I don’t believe their vision is to build a country that works for us. We need a President who is looking out for everyone, not the wealthy few."

If you agree with Rick, then say so by committing to vote for Barack Obama right now.

Commit to Vote

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