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How Important Is The "I'm In" Conversation?

I'm In - Ed Allard

As I get settled on the ground in New Hampshire, the most enjoyable and invigorating part of my day is talking to long-time New Hampshire Obama supporters. On a sunny Friday afternoon in Laconia, Ed A. took a few minutes to talk with me about why he's IN. Over a cup a coffee, we talked about the way to be successful.

He's looking forward to building a campaign that belongs to the people that built it. We talked about how important individual conversation, like this one, were to reconnecting with previous supporters and new supporters alike. Sitting down and having a face-to-face chat about how we spread President Obama’s successes and build our campaign is the best way we can truly bring out the best in everyone working for the win in 2012! The importance of reaching out to new people and engaging them in a truly grassroots campaign is how we get 4 more years, but we need your help!

Take a moment and think about why you are in for 2012. Think about who you worked with in your local office in 2008 or who you heard praising President Obama’s achievements these last few years. Pick up the phone, take that person out to coffee, have the conversation about how important the President’s campaign is and get them in too! The more people we have out there, the more momentum we can build!

Let us know if you can help encourage more people to be in! Email us at and get involved today!

Russell is a new addition to the OFA NH staff, coming to organizing from the theater after many years of lighting design in New York. He will be working in the northern part of the state, leading our efforts in Merrimack, Grafton, Belknap, Carroll and Coos County. Russell is “in” because he believes the progress we have made in since 2008 is too precious to risk and believes we will continue to be able to build on the achievements that are helping our country.

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