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How a Reagan Republican became an Obama Volunteer

My first encounter with the political arena came in 1968 when I voted for Richard Nixon by absentee ballot from Vietnam. I continued to vote Republican for the next 24 years.

I have to confess that my bank account did well during the Reagan years. I was not a fan of George H.W. Bush, but I had convinced myself that they and Pat Robertson couldn't hurt things too badly.

At the end of Bush 41's administration, I started listening to what the Democratic Party had to say, and it resonated with me. Governor Clinton said that, if elected, he would raise my taxes and work on social justice issues. I had been prosperous and felt it was time to pay a little more in taxes, both to help the country move forward on important social issues and to reduce the deficit. I voted for Governor Clinton in the 1992 election. I was proud of his accomplishments on social justice and economic issues and voted for his reelection.

Howard D.

By the end of President Clinton's second term, I was a committed Democrat. Although I didn't volunteer on the Gore/Lieberman team, I was sorely disappointed when Governor Bush was elected president. His policies and practices were so harmful to the country that I volunteered on the Kerry/Edwards team. When their campaign failed, it stung and I vowed to work even harder in the next election.

It was in the televised coverage of the 2004 Democratic Convention that I first saw Barack Obama, then a State Senator in Illinois. My wife and I both saw greatness and remarked on it frequently to friends and family.

When I saw an opportunity to volunteer for then-Senator Obama's election in 2008, I buckled down and went to work. It was a thrilling moment when the Obama/Biden ticket was declared to have taken Florida, and then the election. I'm pleased to say that my greatest expectations have been far exceeded, and sincerely believe that President Obama will prove to be one of the greatest presidents in our nation's history.

It is for all these reasons that my wife and I support the election of Obama/Biden in 2012.

Howard is a dedicated volunteer who’s making a difference. Stand by his side! Help out your neighborhood team by attending an event near you: http://OFA.BO/FLEvents

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