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House Meetings Across Indiana

Last week, Hoosiers from Tell City to Munster gathered in the homes of our great volunteer leaders to organize in honor of President Obama’s birthday. In addition to planning for 2012, volunteers heard from the President, who thanked them for all the hard work they have done over the past two and-a-half years, answering questions from volunteers around the country, and reiterating that he could not have accomplished what he has without us.


He also reminded the attendees of all the hard work that will need to be done in the 16 months leading up to the next election in 2012 and encouraged attendees to discuss—over birthday cake, of course—what they think the campaign should look like in their community.

The house meetings proved great fun for everyone, both long-time volunteers and those ready to join in for the first time. Conni N., a volunteer leader in Grant County, met several new people from her small town. “We even met a potential new faith outreach captain and youth captain for the area,” she said. Mary S., in Munster, updated the guests at her house meeting about the events coming up in their area. Overall, the events celebrated the President’s birthday by giving him the greatest possible gift—organizing for 2012!

Miss a house meeting in your community but still want to join in the fun? Click here to see what’s happening next in your area!

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