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Host a convention watch party

I hope you haven't nailed down your plans yet for September 6th.

It's the night that President Obama will accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina—and for our movement, it's a chance to get together across the country to hear his acceptance speech and get energized for the final stretch.

Folks in every state are going to be hosting watch parties and spending the evening with some friends and neighbors.

Hosting a watch party will help your neighbors come together and be a part of that conversation. When folks who are a part of this movement meet up and talk, we come up with the best ideas to get people organized and engaged in the political process—and we get energized to make it happen.

Plus, events like these are one of our best ways to bring new people into this organization, and encourage those who are already involved to step up even more. When the convention is over, we'll have two short months until the last vote is cast—so the party you throw is going to play an important part in growing our get-out-the-vote efforts in your community at a critical time.

This is going to be a big night for us all. No one should be on the sidelines—sign up to host a party today.

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