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Holding Senator Kirk accountable

On Monday, OFA volunteers, local organizers and concerned citizens met to discuss their response to Illinois Senator Mark Kirk's "no" vote on comprehensive immigration reform. Twice last week, Sen. Kirk voted to block debate on immigration reform.

"With his vote, Sen. Kirk told us he didn't even want to have a conversation about comprehensive immigration reform," said OFA Illinois state coordinator Nellie Sires.

Volunteers went through a "power-mapping" session to identify key influencers in Illinois to reach out to directly, as well as brainstorming ideas for ways to engage their local communities. Over the next few days they'll be organizing more than a dozen events to publicize Sen. Kirk's vote, and asking local supporters to reach out to let him know that he is on the wrong side of public opinion on this issue.

"Immigration is a central part of our American story and a part of who we are as a country," Nellie said. She emphasized the importance of calling out Sen. Kirk now, before the next vote in the Senate, in order to demonstrate the public's support for comprehensive reform of our immigration system.

In Illinois and across the country, supporters are organizing in support of immigration reform. Sign up to join the fight today.

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