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First time voter Astrid B. is IN!

Obama for America-Hawaii Summer Organizer Astrid B. is ready to jump IN to support President Obama's 2012 campaign. She is no stranger to the campaign since she volunteered in Hawaii in 2008. She remembers calling voters in Las Vegas and Henderson, encouraging them to get out and vote. She's maintained active throughout Organizing for America-Hawaii, continuing her support of President Obama's agenda such as the Affordable Care Act, Recovery Act and Wall Street Reform.

This time around, Astrid's involvement will be slightly different. Astrid was a volunteer but could not vote for President Obama in 2008, however in 2012 she will be able to both volunteer and vote on behalf of President Obama. Astrid is very excited to continue serving on President Obama's campaign as a Summer Organizer but even more excited to cast her very first presidential vote in 2012. In a recent meeting, she exclaimed, "I'm ready to help winning votes for 2012!"


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