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"He's not just fighting for economic justice; he's fighting for social justice, too"

We wanted to introduce you to to Dan Fournier, University of New Hampshire student and proud Granite Stater. He's also a member of New Hampshire's Obama Pride Steering Committee, and he shared with us a couple of reasons why he's supporting the President this year:

"I'm supporting the President this year because he holds the same values that I do - that every American, regardless of his or her background, has the ability to make it if they try. He's not just fighting for economic justice; he's fighting for social justice, too. The idea that everyone is equal before the law and should be treated with equal dignity and respect is codified in our Constitution, and that's something that I think President Obama embodies."

We asked if Dan thought the Romney-Ryan campaign also shared those classic American values that the President embodies. Not by a long shot. Here's what Dan told us:

"The Romney-Ryan campaign is touting a Constitutional amendment to make same-sex marriage both illegal and unconstitutional across the country. That's a gross violation of human rights, and their desire to spend taxpayer dollars to promote and enforce discriminatory policy shows that their hearts are rooted way in the past. This is 2012. We don't move backwards on civil rights."

It's true that this President has fought for LGBT Americans here in New Hampshire and across the country in a way that no other President has in the history of this country.

But if the President's record isn't enough for you enough for you, the extreme Romney-Ryan positions on LGBT issues (not to mention the values those positions reflect) are enough to give any moderate-minded American pause. Just how far backward do these guys want to take us?

We can't afford to find out. If you agree with Dan and support the President on equal rights for the LGBT community, get involved by joining the LGBT for Obama group on Dashboard, our online organizing office.

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