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"He's Fighting for Us, So Let's Go Out and Fight for Him!"

On Sunday, more than 400 women from all over Colorado gathered in Wheat Ridge to join us for the first Women Vote 2012 Summit. Women brought their daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors to learn about what’s at stake in this election, and how women can make the difference. The Summit was the first in a nationwide series of events to bring women together, so they can discuss the President’s accomplishments for women, and learn how they can get involved to keep our country moving forward.

The packed room got to hear from a fantastic roster of speakers, including Democratic strategist Valerie Jarrett, U.S. Congresswoman Diana DeGette, and actress and National Co-Chair Eva Longoria, all sharing why they’re in for Obama in 2012.

While sharing each of their personal stories about what President Obama’s accomplishments have meant to them, our speakers also emphasized a key aspect of this election: that women’s votes will make the difference. By simply talking to friends or neighbors, organizing their communities, and making their voices heard, women in Colorado can influence the outcome of an election.

“Women are the glue of our families and our communities,” Eva said. “President Obama is fighting for us, so let’s go out and fight for him!”

Jarrett emphasized that this election is between unprecedented progress for women and their families, or going back to failed policies -- on healthcare reform, on access to education, on economic fairness, and on women’s reproductive rights.

“You will make the difference,” Valerie Jarrett told the audience. “Knock on doors. Make phone calls. Talk to your friends. Do whatever it takes. If you do that, we will re-elect Barack Obama.”

Judging by the energy in the audience at the Summit, Colorado women are fired up and ready to fight to finish what we’ve started.

Join the movement of women working to keep up the progress we’ve made with Women for Obama. To learn more about getting involved in the campaign in your community, visit

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