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“He’s done a terrific job”

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? For Mattie from North Carolina, the answer is simple. “Absolutely,” she says, “without a doubt. The economy is growing—not as fast as everyone would like, but it’s getting better.”

Mattie and her husband have personally felt the effect of President Obama’s policies over the last four years.

“The main positive for us has been the housing market. We were able to refinance our home and our payments are almost $500 lower than they were when President Obama took office. I’m also satisfied with the regulations President Obama has put on the banking industry. I’m able to get much lower interest rates on my credit cards.”

Overall, Mattie is happy with the job that President Obama has done so far, but she knows there’s still work to be done. “I think under the circumstances, he’s done a terrific job.

And to folks who are on the fence about donating to the campaign?

“I encourage everyone to donate. I believe that he’s our best choice in this election. I give a monthly donation, and if I make extra any month I donate that, too. We really need everything we can to win this election.”

Join Mattie and nearly four million other supporters—donate today.

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