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Want to meet President Obama? Here's your chance.

This summer, OFA organizers around the country are looking ahead to this movement's future. This is a crucial time to prepare for the fights to come, but also a time to take stock of all we've accomplished together.

As part of that reflection, we're giving one lucky supporter the opportunity to talk to the Organizer-in-Chief himself about how far we've come. OFA is launching a new contest giving you the chance to tell President Obama which of this movement's accomplishments mean the most to you.

In his recent commencement speech at Howard University, President Obama talked about the importance of organizing, about how change requires more than anger at the status quo—it requires a program, and it requires people willing to put in the hard work of making incremental progress.

OFA supporters talk a lot about being proud to be organizers with the patience and commitment to create lasting progress. As a movement, we've continued to prove wrong those who say we can't make change—and along the way have remained hopeful in the face of so much cynicism.

That dedication has accomplished a lot over the past few years, like 90 percent of Americans with health coverage, 74 straight months of private-sector job growth, and marriage equality for all. We should be proud of what we've achieved together—and be thankful that we have a leader like President Obama who has stood side-by-side with organizers the whole way.

If you want the chance to tell President Obama why you're thankful for this movement and all we have built together, enter OFA's new contest today.

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