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“Here’s why I’m supporting President Obama—how about you?”

“As a retired pediatrician and policy board member in an inner-city health center, I can see the positive impacts of the Massachusetts health care reforms in helping large numbers of new patients—who had previously had no health care coverage—access preventative primary care. I support President Obama's Affordable Care Act because it will be benefiting patients and society on a national scale by expanding access to affordable coverage,decreasing both emergency room visits and costly hospitalizations that we all pay for.”

This is Dr. Bonnie Norton’s story of why she supports President Obama, and now she’s ready to tell it to others. Bonnie was one of a crowd of more than 60 of the President’s supporters who recently filled theAuburndale Community Library in Newton, Massachusetts, to learn how to publicly share and spread enthusiasm for the accomplishments we’ve made as a country during President Obama’s first term—and how the President’s policies have made a positive difference in our lives.

At the Newton messaging training event, hosted by Phyllis Kirschner, the crowd heard from Massachusetts Obama for America state director Carl Nilsson, field organizer Kristina Bigdeli, and volunteers who shared their personal stories of why they are supporting the President.

Supporters talked with each other about their personal connections to the President’s health care reforms, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, educational reforms, foreign policies, and other accomplishments that have touched them and their loved ones.

Trainings like these are underway throughout the country—and are a great way to go from saying “I’m in!” to learning how to share your excitement and story with others in your community. Find a messaging training or other event to support the President in an area near you.

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