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Helen from Concord gives her time because she knows it counts

Helen is a neighborhood team leader in Concord who canvassed with us this weekend. When she got back from knocking on doors, I asked her some questions about why she's working so hard.

What inspires you about this campaign?

I believe President Obama is the right person to lead us forward, and that he truly cares about all of us. He is intelligent, caring, compassionate and a leader.

What's your favorite part about leading your neighborhood team?

My favorite part of this is definitely building support. That's what being in New Hampshire is all about where all politics is local. There are more undeclared voters here than people registered in either party. When you talk to someone who's on the fence and they leave the conversation supporting the President, it's really gratifying.

What would you tell someone who hasn't volunteered here before?

It's rewarding. This is a critical election, and everyone's effort helps so much. One person can and will make a huge difference.

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