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Heart Surgery is no Excuse to Miss Summer Organizer Training


On June 4th and 5th, Tyler Beal attended the Summer Organizer training just like everyone else, except that he had heart surgery less than two weeks prior. Tyler was born with multiple heart problems that needed repairing. He had his first heart surgery when he was only four years old. He had his second when he was 9. After those surgeries, Tyler thought that he was going to be OK. Unfortunately, on March 17th, 2011, a cardiologist told him that he had a highly irregular heart beat. Luckily, it wasn’t life threatening, though it had to be taken care of to ensure his survival in the long term. And so Tyler found himself undergoing surgery.

Less than 5 hours after it was over, still in his hospital bed because of his doctor’s orders, Tyler called in to the summer organizer conference call before the weekend of the training. When asked for a fun fact about himself on the call, he could proudly say, “I just had heart surgery.” Tyler made that call and attended the subsequent summer organizer training because he believes in Organizing for America and the President. The proof is in the election of the president, and in the passage of healthcare reform.

“It’s always just been a struggle with the insurance companies. Being covered under my mom’s health care even though I'm 25 has been a big help. A major reason I came on board is that I need President Obama to stay in office so that 2014 can happen, and all those laws can kick in and make sure that insurance companies can’t mess with me and my pre-existing condition.”

Tyler’s story is a testament to the impact that our President’s vision for the country can have on individual, every day citizens. He’s “IN,” are you? Get involved now.

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