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You're the best person for this job

It's almost guaranteed: Somebody you know—maybe a friend or a family member—is uninsured. There's only one week left for them to get covered before this year's March 31st deadline, and you're absolutely the best person to talk with them.

It's not always easy to strike up this sort of conversation. Health care can be a private topic. But it doesn't have to be awkward. This is about making a smart decision by finding affordable coverage, and your role is simply pointing them in the right direction to get them started.

The reality is that too many people don't know why it's so important to get covered, or what benefits they'd see from it. That's why we put together some tips and facts to guide you: Having the basic facts down makes encouraging someone to get covered a whole lot easier.

Have the talk with a friend or family member today—check out our tips to get started.
Get Talking
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