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Headed to the Battleground


I’m a twenty nine year old guy and I am giving up a fun California weekend to help re-elect the President. Two of my friends invited me to go on a long motorized bicycle ride through the desert this weekend. Their plans won’t affect our country’s future. My weekend will.

I know the upcoming election will be one of the most important of my lifetime. I stand strongly behind the President and his vision of America; an America with an equal playing field for all Americans where we all have a chance to succeed.

We have a tremendous opportunity here in California, and that’s to volunteer in Nevada to empower our neighbors to keep the state blue on November 2012. It isn’t enough to think of just your own state anymore. We have to win this election. And for us lucky enough to be in blue states like California, we can do our part by working in the battleground states.

This election is important for the millions of out-of-work Americans. It’s important to the thousands of LGBT servicemen and women who can now serve openly with integrity. It’s important to the women of this country who now have the chance for equal pay for equal work. It’s important period.

That’s why I am joining my fellow excited and motivated California volunteers this weekend in Las Vegas, doing the people’s work. We’ll be registering voters, engaging them and having conversations about the direction of this country and why we stand with the President. We’ll be doing what we can to register as many voters as possible to continue to move our country forward. And we won’t be able to do it alone.

I hope you’ll join me this weekend in Las Vegas. We might even have some fun in the process.

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